Outsourse analytics for business

We find insights in statistics breaking effectiveness down into components. We form teams that boost the effectiveness of your marketing and ads.
We use the most common analytical tools to create high-quality infrastructure.
Analytics systems
Google Analytics
Yandex Metrica
Visualization systems
A/B testing
Analytics setup
Google Optimize
Google Tag Manager
Power BI
Google Data Studio
Analytical setup
Collect maximum amount of data from your website or mobile application, taking into account all client actions, interaction with forms, and occured errors.
Conversion audit
Analysis of the conversion funnel by traffic sources, devices, user paths, user profiles;
Analytics of registration forms and spaces to fill;
Evaluation of user problems when interacting with the product;
Cohort analysis and audience retention assessment.
End-to-end analytics
We keep in mind all communication with your customers. We will build a system suitable for your business and tasks, as well as generate reports where you will see all important indicators of your customers' behavior.
Product audit
The difference between a simple audit and product audit is in the emphasis on financial performance where we calculate the efficiency in terms of ROI, SAE, CAC, LTV. Additionally, we conduct RFM-, ABC-, ZYX-analysis.
A/B testing
We answer which page elements influence conversions and customer behavior. We make hypothesis and conduct A/B/N tests. We also help with preparation of page layouts.
Reports and Dashboards
Create dashboards that help assess the effectiveness and technical condition of your website. Dashboard allows us to agregate data from multiple sources and in real time track activity of the website.
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