Conduct of A/B tests to increase landing page conversion
The research revealed the following problems:
Motivational banners did not target the right audience;
The sign up button wasn't visible enough;
The page was too long and held much unnecessary information.

As a result of A / B testing, we were able to increase the landing page conversion by 22.96% and reduce the failure rate by 6%.
International FMCG brand included in the top-100 largest companies by Forbes
Input data
For promotional activities, find the best landing page based on convertibility and user engagement
1. To develop an improved version of the current landing page;
2. To conduct A/B testing;
3. To evaluate the results of A/B testing for convertibility and user engagement.
Analysis of the landing page to identify bottlenecks and flaws
An alternative landing page designed after the research
A/B testing of two landing page options
Effectiveness evalution of the two landing page options, along with report on advantages of the new version
What was done
A/B testing
According to the results of the promotional activity, the conversion to clicking on the "Start" button, to take part in the action, turned out to be higher in the test version of the page by 22.96%.
Conversion to clicking on the "Start" button

Conversion to clicking on the "Start" button

Audit results
  • Following the study, several problems were found:
    - Motivational banners did not work for the target audience;
    - To participate in the activity there was only one button that did not stand out from the rest of the design;
    - The page was too long and had a large amount of unnecessary information;
  • As a result, A/B testing was able to increase the convertibility of the landing page by 22.96% and reduce the failure rate by 6%.
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