Audit and optimization of the promo page.
2,5x increase in number of applications.
Application of our recommendations increased the number of consultation requests by 2.5 times, reduced landing page failure rate by 12% and increased the average view time by 24%. Sales of the product, which brings 75,12% of the income, increased by 9,11%.
International finishing materials manufacturer.
Input data
To evaluate the feasibility of investments in online-promotion of the manufacturer's products in Russia.
1. To analyze e-commerce setup and the website to make recommendations for improvement of the current indicators;
2. To conduct ABC analysis of products sold;
3. To formulate recommendations for functionality improvement of the website and for sales increase in "A" category products.
ABC analysis for all products, which allowed to develop a new strategy and increase sales of the most popular product
The effectiveness of the landing page was analyzed and recommendations were made to improve the landing page, the sales funnel stages and the lead collection funnel
Sales funnel by device type was built and analyzed
Dashboards created for quick monitoring of the conversion funnel of sales
What was done
Rates allocation
User involvemet assessment was made on the landing pages. Landing page modification was proposed.
Content immersion
User involvemet assessment was made on the landing pages. Landing page modification was proposed.
Interests by size of apartments
Collected data helped adjust new package tariffs.
An audit of the conversion funnel was conducted, the bottlenecks were identified and recommendations for their elimination were made.
Implementation results
  • Reducing the bounce rate from the landing page by 12% and increasing the average viewing time by 24%;
  • 2.5x Increase in the number of consultation applications;
  • 4.17% decrease in buyers outflow at delivery stage
  • 9.11% growth in sales of the leading product (75.12% of total sales)
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