Evaluation of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Detection of bot traffic for 10 million rubles
One the key advertising sources was sending bot traffic for over 58% of the campaign. Advertizer has refunded about 10 million rubles.

After the implementation of optimization recommendations for conversion funnel, the proportion of converted users increased by 10.59%, while the errors at the registration stage decreased by 13 times.
International FMCG brand included in the top-100 largest companies by Forbes
Input data
To evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns to promote products on the Russian market.
1. To study the effectiveness of landing page and activity of users on the platform, to make recommendations for improvement;
2. To assess the quality of traffic by post-click indicators;
3. To check advertising sources traffic for bots and robots.
Funnel effectiveness evaluation from all devices
Effectiveness analysis for the landing page
Evaluation of the platform activity in the context of user segments
Advertising traffic check for bots and robots in the context of sources
What was done
Recommendations for improvement of the landing page on mobiles and registration optimization.
Session dynamics
Registration funnel
Unique members per day
Content involvement
Audit, held during the campaign allowed to quickly optimize the campaign and increase its' effectiveness.
Events in the context of the audience
As a part of regular audits, the conversion funnel was evaluated not only by steps, but also by the audience that interacted with the promo page.
Content involvement
Difficulties in interacting with promo-website occurred at following stages:
1. Deciding on participation;
Reason: no detailed description of the prizes on the main page.
2. Registration or authorization;
Reason: difficulties in registration or authorization.
Implementation results
  • Bot-traffic was detected from one of the key advertising sources, this traffic accounted for 58% of the campaign. The discovery of this fact allowed the client to save about 10 million rubles.
  • Mobile device crash rate decreased by 9%, while the share of those who viewed 100% of the page increased by 5.3%;
  • After the implementation of recommendations for optimizing the conversion funnel, the proportion of convertible users increased by 10.59%, and the errors at the registration stage decreased by 13 times.
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