End-to-end Analytics

Building a full analytical system for your business and finding its growth points. Getting conversion growth, client attraction boost, and revenue raise as a result.
Ad activities optimization is a must for any business. If you still use your intuition to allocate the budget between ad platforms and don't know which one is the most effective, end-to-end analytics is the way to go.

Why do you need end-to-end analytics?
As practice shows, standard effectiveness indicators for advertisement such as views, reach, and number of clicks can't answer many important questions. Even transaction information from your ad platforms often gives an incorrect impression of where the clients are coming from.
End-to-end analytics will help to find out:
share of each of the ad channels in terms of customer interaction and things that lead to conversion;

customer's life cycle and time after which they will return;

real payback from marketing expenses including payments for transaction support, logistics, and other spendings.
You will:
    End-to-end analytics help to build multi-channel attribution and detect all of the traffic channels, that participated in customer's interaction process, and allocate the value for each of the conversions.
    follow ROI, LTV, CAC, CRR;

    correctly evaluate UX and A/B tests;

    segment users for personalized targeted campaigns;

    know the real revenue from each of the clients, and find ways to increase it
    Why do you need
    end-to-end analytics?
    How is it impelemented?
    Ad channels data, people's actions on the website, and the information about them are transfered through a system of connectors and are streamed into a database. It is made to unite separate chunks of data and to build a model for precise estimation of communication effectiveness. Visualized content helps in real time track indicators after end-to-end analytics is implimented.
    End-to-end analytics step by step
    Error correction and analytics tuning
    Data import from ad channels and CRM
    Architechture build up and data collecting
    Building of a basic attribution model
    Visualization and report creation
    Setup data transfering to take financial effectiveness into account
    Setup data transfering into databases for further analysis
    Analyze data about user behavior, build an effectiveness model
    Create reports based on your business' needs
    Setup data gathering from the website for further attribution building
    Audit and promo page optimization
    Bot-traffic detection for 10 million rubles
    Cases: problem solving with end-to-end analytics

    Sales growth by 9,11%.

    Conversion growth among users by 10,59%

    Landing page conversion growth by 22,96%
    Report Samples
    As a result of end-to-end analytics implementation, you get reports from different angles that you will use for particular needs of your business.
    No matter how difficult the task is, we will find a solution. Describe your task and we will figure out how to realize it as effectively as possible.
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